What does it mean to work in a creative industry? We ask ourselves this question endlessly.
Human beings have developed remarkably up to today: first, through communication of words in hunting life, agrarian society, and the formation of complex societies and nations; as well as through accumulation of knowledge and wealth caused by the invention of letter and currency; rapid material civilization caused by the industrial revolution; and the massive leap in information sharing caused by the internet.
We believe that throughout the history of mankind there was always “the mind of anticipation for one’s possibility,” which drove us to all development.
May be tomorrow, longing for tomorrow; we cannot stop believing that that is the true nature of creativity.
“Believe in Possibility, Keep Challenging New Areas, and Make it Enterprise.”
We look for the new world of creativity that is what we engage as our business.

Hiroshi Kida
President of IGER Corporation
CEO of IGER America Corporation